7 Brands Using Facebook to Grow their Business

Facebook is literally just a significant search for success. Or for business now using Facebook, it’s all in how often users “like” you.

We think now’s the perfect shot to see who’s leading it and who is hurting Facebook as more company pricing media platforms strategy. And it’s also important to know if you are using social media to get more likes and followers, or if you are growing a brand that will monetize later on.

Primarily, this group sets on retailers to clients and are pulled from files generated by Leicester, which maintains a digital site called Likester AdCenter. (We ignored film items, icons, and firms that get more views of the all, like YouTube.)

Though major labels are most of the entities on the list, there are twists. More significant and far more niche firms have learned using this Facebook actively will get them highly common.

In this article, we will explore seven different brands and how they are using the power and reach of Facebook Ads to grow their brands and business.


Netflix is indeed one of the world’s well-streaming sites. The video leader has over 167 million users at the end of 2019, with about a third of those arriving from the U.S. But it is not the only thing Netflix seems to boost ratings by creating excellently material.

In its media campaign, the label will do a great job, too, mostly on Facebook. One element Netflix does well on Facebook, and the other is to bring value by drawing the doors back and offering fantastic stuff that can be shared on Facebook.

For instance, use their 13 Stories series, a quick trilogy of videos of actors of popular Netflix series hiking 13 stories of steps at the office of Netflix while asking 13 different questions.

On the net, any of these videos get between 300,000 and 800,000 views. On Netflix, the video is not usable.

Feel of the quality this adds to Facebook’s fans of Netflix. For fans who interact with the label on Facebook, there’s also a significant benefit that they will be able to ingest free videos.

Adidas Originals 

To push website traffic, Adidas Originals’ Facebook page rely on paid advertising, artistry, or style. The group also hosts fan prizes that reflect on design as well as relevant policies. 

The new task was titled #represent Adidas Origins. A clip, video, or exe input revealing what they pose was asked by fans to send. 

The event acted as a shared outlet for fans to submit their best work, thus closely engaged with the label.


To put into the emotional bond fans have for the item, Nutella’s Facebook page uses festive graphics. Just recently, Nutella’s service has tied data to Olympic Games linked messages. 

The sector reported posting photos such as “Like this video if diving is your favorite sport and … spread your joy by promoting it :).” The style is fun and plays on the brand’s church ad.

Nutella is also growing their reach by partnering with well-known influencers that already have social followings of their own. Take a look at their social profiles to see what they have been working on.

Monster Energy 

Crazy Energy is primarily noted for its help of severe athletic events and sports. Monster Energy’s Facebook rests on client stuff that is artsy with a firm standpoint, using this fandom for most teen girls. 

The firm’s Facebook page also works actively with actors to drive viral exposure by videos and tweets. 

The most notable athlete post was a shot of off driver, a champion, and his truck facing a desert setting, with a brief picture: “Ballistic BJ Baldwin taking in the view!” and a link to the site and schedule the Monster Fuel off-road squad. The post resulting in not so shabby 37,782 likes.


By marketing recent promotions and events with videos and thrilling videos, the Fan page of McDonald’s drives much of the traffic. 

The blog is now, for now, based on the Tournament. The agency initiated a Facebook program that pursued five people when he found London or the games. 

The ad looked into McDonald’s staff’s lives, illustrating McDonald’s users and social face.


Anything which Skittles do is very cultural. An active online social policy is designed by the organization, switching between its website and social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. 

The sector contains photos, sports, and fun, unique pictures that quickly transfer fans via media and the web. (Skittle’s crazy advertisements do have a strong presence on YouTube.


It a de facto page for the label, Oreo, using the firm’s Facebook profile. Oreo’s style is to merge member media by giving posts that will push responses, such as the example before.

Group reports also form part of fill-in-the-blank comments or queries, such as: “Oreo cookies allow daily a little ______.” Fans could never help but fill in gaps, and 7,400 fans already notice the call-out.

How to Win with Visual Content and Facebook Ads

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