Top Fashion Influencers On Instagram

The fashion industry is one of the biggest industries in the in the world. If you want to follow the fashion trends as they are released, you might get lost. To become a fashion influencer can’t be done in a year or less because you will need to have your own unique style that other people can even get inspired be. These people have been tagged as top fashion Instagram influencers because they built their reputation thanks to their unique style. 

It’s quite safe to say that social media makes the world function well because every single person has at least on social media account and it’s where a lot of people can become who they want to be despite their reality. Social media is not a bad thing because it’s a platform that enables people to build up a personality that can hardly be judged by people around them. On the other hand, Instagram is a social platform that people have used to grow their businesses and gain a lot of publicity. You can build your brand to any level you want because Instagram creates that opportunity.

The World of Fashion and Influence on Instagram

People go on Instagram for different reasons

  • To publicize their business
  • To meet influential people
  • To get updated with various trends in beauty, photography, and fashion.

If you find it stressful to keep going online and checking for fashion updates or subscribing for expensive newsletters, then you need to follow these top Instagram influencers. You might just be a person that wants to be frequently informed with style trends or you want to become a fashion icon yourself. Following these Instagram pages will inspire you and inform you about the fashion industry. Fashion has different aspects and one fashion influencer might not be able to give you that. Getting style tips from different style influencers can only keep you informed and make you stand out from the crowd. These are top Instagram fashion influencers because it is almost impossible to talk about fashion on social media without mentioning their names. 

These fashion influencers are willing to;

  • Give you fashion tips
  • Share some important fashion secrets with you
  • Recommend fashion brands for your preferred style choice
  • Inspire you to become the best version of yourself
  • Answer your question on fashion

Danielle Bernstein

Instagram Handle: @weworewhat

Danielle has her own clothing and accessories line that was created thanks to the huge publicity she got from her blog “We Wore What” and her outstanding fashion statements on her Instagram posts.  She started her blog while she was in school and has built it to a recognizable level. Her 1.7 million followers on Instagram love her face, her style and they appreciate her opinions on fashion trends.

Chiara Ferragni

Instagram Handle: @charaferragni

With more than 11 million followers, Chiara Ferragni is a top fashion Instagram influencer that is going to be on top for a long time. She is a fashion blogger and has built a reputation which has helped her to start her own lines. Her blog Blonde Salad has a lot of diverse posts and it’s very informative.

Alexa Chung

Instagram Handle: @alexachung

Alexa Chung is a style goddess. She has made so much impact on the fashion industry and has worked with Marks and Spencer and AG Jeans. She is a major fashion Instagram influencer that has made a name for herself in the fashion world and her 2.9 million followers agree with this.

Julia Engel

Instagram Handle: @juliahengei

Julia Engle is a fashion blogger that is still in college. Schooling hasn’t stopped her from making fashion statements and building a reputation for herself. She has worked with different brands such as; Coach, Tory Burch, and Gap. She has a huge follower base of 1.1 million on Instagram and she is also starting her clothing line soon.

Jenn Im

Instagram Handle: @imjennim

Jenn is known for her cute face and stunning looks. She started her carrier on YouTube and has now made a name for herself in the fashion industry. She has 1.6 million followers on Instagram. With this much publicity, she has been able to start up her own fashion line called Eggie.

Nicolette Mason

Instagram Handle: @nicolettemason

Nicolette is another plus-size fashion Instagram influencer that is recognized for working with Gabi Gregg for her Premme collection. She has 162,000 followers on Instagram that enjoy her posts daily.

Gabi Gregg

Instagram Handle: @gabifresh

Gabi Gregg is a very confident plus-sized fashion icon. She’s most recognized for showing off her body in different bikinis. She has 590,000 followers on Instagram that get inspired every day to wear what they love not minding their size. Making plus-sized women feel among in the fashion world inspired her to start up her own swimwear line and to do collaborations with Premme.

Leandra Medine

Instagram Handle: @leandramcohen

Leandra is very honest and down-to-earth with her fashion choices. She encourages people with her blog “Man Repeller” and her Instagram posts to wear whatever they want to wear not minding what other people say. She is a top fashion Instagram influencer with 60,000 followers on the Gram because people want to see more of her unorthodox outfits and get inspired to wear what they feel comfortable with.

Susie Lau

Instagram Handle: @susiebubble

Susie Bubble is known for her unique street style looks and her fashion blogs. She is always present at Fashion weeks around the world and she is a really respected fashion personality. She has 403,000 followers on Instagram.

Candela Pelizza 

Instagram Handle: @candela_______

Candela is a top fashion model and also a top fashion Instagram influencer. She is from Brazil and models fully in Italy. She’s always walking on the Milan fashion week runway. Candela has a well known best friend in the fashion industry too so they support each other. She has 505,000 followers on Instagram that just can’t get enough of her posts.

Garance Dore

Instagram Handle: @garancedore

As an artist and a fashion influencer, Garance posts a lot of her drawings and her fashion work in her Instagram page. Apart from making fashion statements, she is also a photographer and an illustrator. She is very talented and has been recognized for it in the fashion world. She has 743,000 followers on Instagram. Following her page won’t be a mistake.

Shini Park

Instagram Handle: @parnncube

Shini Park loves to travel around the world and making fashion statements while at it. She is a top fashion Instagram influencer and owns a blog called Park & Cube. She has 209,000 Instagram followers that can never get tired of seeing her exciting posts. 

Camille Charriere

Instagram Handle: @camillecharriere

With her amazing post on her blog “Camille Over The Rainbow”, Camille is a top fashion Instagram influencer from Paris. Her style can be chic, classy, or chic and classy at the same time. She’s a charming fashion icon with 641,000 followers on Instagram.

Maja Wyh

Instagram Handle: @majawyh

Maja is not your regular fashion icon who loves to wear body fitting designs. Her baggie style is loved by her 262,000 Instagram followers. She hails from Germany and is a top Instagram fashion influencer. 

Ines de la Fressange

Instagram Handle: @inesdelafressangeofficial

This is one French fashion icon that has a voice in the fashion industry with 245,000 followers on Instagram. She has written a book called “La Parisenne” which has a lot of information for a lot of fashion lovers. She has her own line and collaborates with Uniqlo to create unique designs.

Pandora Sykes

Instagram Handle: @pandorasykes

Pandora Skyes is a very informative fashion influencer. She is loved for giving reasons behind a trend and why an outfit should be put together. She was once a fashion editor but she is still really updated with fashion trends and styles. She has 182,000 followers on Instagram.

Madelynn Furlong

Instagram Handle: @madelynnfurlong

Madelynn Furlong is an adventurous fashion influencer and apart from her posts on new adventures and travels, her 144,000 followers on Instagram love to see her looks and fashion statements on a daily basis. She is also a style blogger and an art director and she is based in Los Angeles. 

Gala Gonzalez

Instagram Handle: @galagonzalez

Gala Gonzalez is most recognized for posting pictures of fashion shows and also their background work. Her 876,000 followers don’t just follow her for that reason; they also enjoy her pictures showing her everyday outfits. Not to forget that she is a blogger for Amful where she gives reviews on fashion trends.

Jeanne Damas

Instagram Handle: @jeannedamas

Jeanne is a stunning fashion influencer on Instagram with a following of 761,000 on the Gram. She pulls off designs effortlessly and she doesn’t leave her followers confused on how to achieve the look as she makes the collection known. She also has her own brand called Rouje. You’ve got to follow her ASAP.

Giovanna Englebert

Instagram Handle: @bat_gio

Giovanna is a multi-talented fashion icon. With 785,000 followers on Instagram that look forward to her posts of top designers and their work, she’s a must-follow on the Gram. Her seat on the top fashion influencers on Instagram is well guarded as she’s also a creative director, an editor, and a stylist. You need to be updated with her posts.

Olivia Palermo

Instagram Handle: @oliviapalemo

The beautiful Oliver Palermo has 4 million followers on Instagram that enjoy viewing her fashionable outfits. She grew her publicity from reality TV shows and modeling. At this point, she’s no longer a model that showcases designs but she is now a top fashion influencer on Instagram and designers would love for her to showcase their designs. She has worked with Piperlime and Banana Republic.

Reese Blutsein

Instagram Handle: @double3xposure

Reese has more than 150, 000 followers on Instagram that enjoy her unique preference in fashion. She’s known for posting pictures of upcoming designers and she also creates publicity for them on her blog.

Patricia Manfield

Instagram Handle: @patriciamanfield

With 316,000 followers on Instagram, Patricia is a recognized fashion influencer. She shows off her amazing body in her stylish body suits and other designs. She has high taste in fashion and her followers love to be updated.

Alex Stedman

Instagram Handle: @thefrugality

Alex is from North London with 166,000 followers on Instagram. Alex doesn’t just make fashion statements with super expensive designs but he also slays with affordable designs to inspire other people to look good on a reasonable budget.

Helena Bordon

Instagram Handle: @helenabordon

Helena is an Instagram Fashion influencer that makes fashion statements with her classy outfits. She has 1 million followers on Instagram that love catching up with her breathtaking style as she goes for fashion shows. You definitely have to follow her on the Gram.

Instagram Fashion Influencers are Here to Stay!

These fashion influencers have what it takes to keep you updated and inspired daily. One good thing about Instagram is that it’s free so following these influencers will literally cost you nothing. Apart from that, you can get certain chances to ask them questions when they go live on Instagram. Instagram has really made socializing with people really easy.

Most of these fashion influencers are women and this can only prove that as a woman no matter your body size or your look, you can make a statement in any aspect of life.  They are not just pretty ladies that wear expensive clothes but they are confident women has have made use of the opportunity they got to inspire other women and men to look and feel comfortable in their bodies. Some of them also use their blogs to promote new designer to fashion lovers around the world. Every fashion influencer has their own unique style and so it can inspire you as a lover of fashion to create your own unique style too to build a recognized and respected name in the fashion world.  

Being fashionable will help you to feel confident about yourself and brave enough to make contributions to certain topics that people will actually listen to.