Image Types that Work Best on Instagram

It is a social network where businesses can share photos and use them for marketing. It is beneficial for your company to share photos of its products, employees, and clients. 

Your company can demonstrate its impact on the world by montaging still images and using Instagram’s trademark filters to show off its personality through smart, engaging Instagram content. And even better, by using the highest quality images possible, it heavily increase your chances of getting new followers to your IG account.

Understand the basic guidelines for Instagram-approved images before adding every photo to your business’s gallery.

Various Image Sizes

Instagram only supports certain resolutions, so make sure your photos fall within that range, so your images don’t appear blurry or cut off. 

You have a good amount of image resolution with a maximum resolution of 2,048 by 2,048 pixels. The photo feed on Instagram’s website has a standard resolution of 510 by 510 pixels, so you don’t want to drop too far below that.

Instagram is best suited to JPG because it is a smaller file format while still supporting high resolutions. Instagram prefers. PNG images as the second-best format. A higher resolution is supported but at greater file size.

  • Instagram’s preferred format is JPG, JPEG.
  • JPG, JPEG, PNG, BMP, non-animated GIF, Instagram other supported formats
  • It supports every aspect ratio from 1:1 (square), 4:5 (portrait now supported by Instagram), all the way up to 1.91:1, 16:9 for Instagram Story.

It’s also important to realize that each social platform is different in the way they display image sizes. For example, Twitter will squish their images and make them fit, while Instagram is all about using the correct sizing at all times.

Types of Files Supported

Images can be stored in many different formats, but Instagram only allows two formats. Using the JPEG file type, it is possible to achieve a high resolution with relatively small file size. 

You cannot increase the size of a JPEG without compromising the quality. Secondly, PNG can also support high-resolution images. 

The files are typically larger than those of JPEG. Transparent images of this type are often used for websites, but they also look great on Instagram.

Enhance Photos with Effects and Hashtags

The Instagram app offers more than just the ability to take great photos.  For example, there are many other features on Instagram that you’ll find on other social networks. 

Color filters can also be used to make images look black-and-white by muting or saturating the colors. There are also Instagram hashtag generators that can help with this process as well.

Instagram’s search engine indexes images found with hashtags, making them searchable from Instagram. This could be useful for your marketing campaigns and help you increase brand exposure.

Limitations Associated with Images

You might think that posting to your Instagram profile from your computer is possible with Facebook integration and a desktop client. 

Despite this, Instagram remains a social network for smartphones. Using our mobile app, you can take photos on iOS, Android, or BlackBerry devices. 

Your Instagram profile can be updated with images from Instagram’s built-in camera and the camera app on your smartphone. 

You’ll not only lose Instagram filters with photos taken with your phone’s native camera, and the native camera will automatically transform higher-resolution images into 612-by-612 ones as well.

Post Natural Environment Images on Instagram 

Putting things in their “organic” surroundings is the key to success on Instagram. People won’t be attracted to a product, simply put, if the context is removed from it.

Placing items where they would be found in the virtual environment can be more helpful.

Maximizing Your Efforts on Instagram

At the end of the day, billions of new images and pieces of content are being posted to IG daily. If you want to make your post updates stand out from the crowd, be sure to implement each of the recommendations above.

If you’d like to learn more about the best places to find images online, be sure to read through out social media reference guide.