25 Top Photography Influencers You Need To Follow

One major fact is that everyone takes pictures but not everyone can be called a photographer. Photography entails more than just using a camera or a phone to take a picture. It takes some people years to learn photography but they might not be as good as someone that went into photography because its passion, a photographer is someone that can say a lot with just pictures.

When a professional picture is taken of a person, a thing, a place, or an animal, the viewer should be able to get engrossed in the image, trying to figure out different aspects of the picture. 

A professional photographer should be able to;

  • Captivate the viewer with the picture
  • Capture the moment even if it’s only for a second
  • Bring the picture alive even if it’s just a picture
  • Tell a story with images
  • Create something unique and rare with every picture
  • Edit pictures in a fascinating way to bring out all the details

Moving on, we all know how important social media is to our generation especially Instagram. You can hardly ever find someone that does not have an Instagram account. Like it’s almost impossible! A lot of people promote their business with Instagram in different ways. But, a common way of making your brand known is by paying influencers to promote your brand. There are influencers that focus on different fields like fashion, beauty, sports, and many more. 

In photography, there are some really important influencers that have grown their following and influence in the social community be posting outstanding pictures. They are called influencers because they have built their carriers on skill and hard work and they have a say in the industry. These are top photography pages that you need to follow if you want to;

  • See amazing shots
  • Get a few tips on photography
  • Ask questions and get answers on photography
  • Get inspired to try new things in photography
  • Take unique pictures for your wallpapers
  • See something new and exciting all the time

Are you someone that loves pictures and would love to see different amazing images? Or are you an aspiring photographer that would love to get inspired by another photographer’s work?  Then, you’re in the right place. There’s literally no such thing as following too many photographers and their different techniques which might end up making you confused.

There’s no such thing as being too inspired is the? Nope, so enjoy exploring these amazing photographer’s posts on Instagram.

Pei Ketron

Instagram Handle: @pketron

Pei has a following of 808,000 on Instagram and it’s understandable because her pictures are just really outstanding. She’s an expert in mobile photography and even a judge for a photography competition. She captures the most amazing sights and gives her viewers something to engross in. She’s talented, so you should definitely follower her posts.

Ben Lowy

Instagram Handle: @benlowy

Ben Lowy, a photographer with a difference. Ben has 228,000 followers on Instagram that love seeing his amazing shots of nature. He knows how to capture unique moments and that is a wonderful skill. You can also see his talent when he takes portrait pictures. Completely mind blowing so, he is definitely an influencer to follow on the Gram.

Murad Osmann

Instagram Handle: @muradosman

Murad has 4.5 million followers on Instagram and his posts aren’t really the usual kind of pictures. He became recognized for taking pictures of his wife holding his hand and leading the way. He doesn’t just take a normal picture but he captures the whole essence of the view. If you’re looking for thrilling and beautiful pictures, then you need to follow his page right now!

Asa Sjostrom

Instagram Handle: @asasjostrompphotography

Asa is well-known for taking moving pictures. She is from Sweden and she has 28,000 Instagram followers. She usually takes pictures of women, children, and her loved ones. Her pictures are really unique so she should be on your must- follow list.

Paul Nicklen

Instagram Handle: @paulnicken

Known for his outstanding shot on National Geographic channel, Paul is another top photography influencer that loves nature. With 3.5 million followers on Instagram that love his shots of animals. Trying to discover how he captures them in their natural habitat can also make you uncover other interesting details about the picture. Even if it’s to get unique wallpapers, you need to follow him.   

Victor Cubo 

Instagram Handle: @victor_cubo

Victor Cubo has 15,000 followers on Instagram because he doesn’t just take unique pictures; he’s an amazing artist. Apart from the way he takes his shots, his edits are wonderful. He has gained respect from other top photography influencers because of his talented work. He is another photographer to follow on Instagram.

Mario Testino

Instagram Handle: @mariotestino

Mario Testino has 3.4 million Instagram followers and he’s more of a fashion photographer. The way he captures the tiniest details of the model and the clothing design is definitely amazing. His skills and talent in photography have pushed him up the ladder of top photography influencers, with some of his works appearing on top magazine covers. 

Dylan Furst

Instagram Handle: @fursty

The beloved Fursty is a photographer that knows how to uniquely capture nature’s beauty and essence. He has 1.2 million followers on Instagram because of his intriguing outdoor images. He is definitely a top photography influencer to follow on the Gram.

 Chris Buckard

Instagram Handle: @chrisburkard

Chris Bucker has 2.8 million followers on Instagram that cannot get enough of his beautiful pictures of nature. He takes his pictures from great angles to get the best out of the sight. His pictures usually show beautiful places on earth as he captures their uniqueness.

Micheal Yamashita

Instagram Handle: @yamashitaphoto

Yamashita is an Asian photographer that knows what photography is all about. He works for National Geographic and has 1.3 million followers on Instagram. He takes beautiful pictures of the daily life in Asia. 

Jimmy Chin

Instagram Handle: @jimmy_chin

Recognized for his pictures of sports and nature, Jimmy Chin has 1.7 million followers on Instagram and he’s been in the photography industry for years. He takes pictures for National Geographic and has built a great reputation on social media from his work.

Matt Slaby

Instagram Handle: @mattslaby

Matt is known for his witty captions for his posts that his 76,000 followers love a lot. He doesn’t just take pictures but also he creates videos about anything interesting trending topic. 

Gueorgui Pinkhasov

Instagram Handle: @pinkhassov

Gueorgui is recognized for his amazing detailed shots. He has 76,500 followers on Instagram that love to view his uniquely detailed pictures. He is another photography influencer to follow on the Gram. 

Stacy Kranitz

Instagram Handle: @stacykranitz

Stacy has 100,000 followers on Instagram and she loves taking pictures of the normal American life. He pictures are purely beautiful and unique. She’s definitely a must-follow on Instagram.

Steve McCurry

Instagram Handle: @stevemccurryofficial

The amazing Steve Curry is a great photographer and he is also working for National Geographic. He has 2.3 Instagram followers and his pictures can tell the story of a person. His pictures speak and fascinate the viewer. You have to follow his Instagram page!

David Guttenfelder

Instagram Handle: @dguttenfelder

David Guttenfedder is a photojournalist with a difference. He is known to have top-class equipment for taking pictures plus he is also an expert in taking pictures with mobile phones. He has 1.1 million followers that love his beautiful posts.

Jackson Harries

Instagram Handle: @jackharries

Jackson Harries built his carrier on social media with pictures and videos that mean a lot to him. He has 1.7 million followers on Instagram that love viewing his sincere and unique pictures. He is a talented photographer that needs to be followed on Instagram. 

Alec Soth

Instagram Handle: @littlebrownmushroom

As the CEO of Little Brown Mushroom, Alec Soth has been able to inspire and encourage upcoming photographers and artists to try new thing. They try to create visual stories that are unique in different ways. He has 139,000 followers on Instagram.

Hannes Becker

Instagram Handle: @hannes_becker

Another lover of nature is Hannes Becker. He has 1.1 million followers on Instagram that love being fascinated by his shots of nature. He also takes mind-blowing pictures of landscapes and he is one of the top photography influencers that bring something new to the table every time. 

Chien-Chi Chang

Instagram Handle: @chen_chi_chang

This top photography influencer is one that allows his pictures to speak. Chien-Chi is a unique photographer that has a lot of special and beautiful pictures worth waiting on. He has 105,000 followers on Instagram.

Pete Souza

Instagram Handle: @petesouza

Pete Souza has 1.6 million followers on Instagram and he is famous for taking a lot of pictures of the former U.S. President Obama. He was a former photographer that worked in the White House but that hasn’t limited him from taking amazing pictures.

Elizabeth Huey

Instagram Handle: @elizabeth_huey

Elizabeth is not just a photographer but she’s also a painter. She has 36,000 Instagram followers and she is popular for her unique painting and pictures that her followers love to catch up with.

Eugene Richards

Instagram Handle: @eugenerichardsphotography

Richards is a skilled documentary photographer who knows how to put complete focus on the subject of his image. He is very talented and this shows when he captures the smallest details in his images. He is based in New York City and has 220,000 followers on Instagram. 

Theron Humphrey

Instagram Handle: @thiswildidea

Theron was discovered by National Geographic from his clear pictures on Instagram. He took fun pictures of the different states in the United States while he was traveling. These pictures were unique and informative. He has 1.2 million followers on Instagram that always look forward to new posts.

Katrin Koenning

Instagram Handle: @k_koenning

Katrin Koenning is not the usual photographer that takes shots of nature or people. Her style is rather strange but intriguing. You keep wondering how she had the idea to take a picture but that is just the passion that has brought recognition for her. Her posts are strangely beautiful so if you are looking for a top photography influencer that is different in a good way, you should follow her Instagram page and join her 55,000 followers in loving her work.

As someone that desires to become a professional photographer and one day a top photography influencer, you can pick out the common quality from these photographers. They all followed what they loved, practiced it, got better, and then gained outstanding recognition. Pictures can do a lot for the viewer and even make their mind go to new places. 

People that understand the real mystery and importance behind pictures always look forward to coming across new images because it takes their mind on an adventure. Even if you’ve never been to a particular place, seeing a picture and analyzing it can make you feel like you’re there. Checking out details and even creating a personal meaning for the picture is just fantastic. People that love art and photography are always optimistic and free because their mind has been to different places that make them feel like nothing is impossible. If your mind is caged, it is hard to try new things and this could limit you.

As a lover of photography, you are very lucky because the top photography influencers above are enough to inspire you to take risks to create something new. One advice you should follow is that you should be excited to share your work on your own social media page. These photography influencers started from somewhere till they become really successful so, never be ashamed or shy to share your images for other people to see. Hear people’s opinions but don’t let it define your work or else you’ll keep going back and forth trying to please everyone. 

 Keep trying to improve your pictures and before you know it, people start looking up to you for inspiration.