25 Top Snapchat Influencers You Should Be Following

A lot of people follow these social media influencers to be able to be updated on everything going on around the world. Snapchat is unique from every other social media platform because of the videos that disappear after 24 hours. It makes moments more special and memorable. The popular saying now is that “If you don’t post it on Sapchat then it didn’t happen. We see how a lot of people go crazy about making Snapchat videos anywhere they go to try to document special moments.

With this, a lot of entrepreneurs and brand owners have decided to pay top Snapchat Influencers to help them publicize a product or services. With thousands of views on each Snapchat videos, they can easily reach a large audience.

The Benefits of Following Top Snapchat Influencers

Other benefits of adding these Snapchat influencers are;

  • You can know what happens in the life of your favorite celebrity
  • You can hear them talk about important things
  • Be the first to see new products that just launched 
  • You can be opportune to get your question answered by your favorite celebrity
  • You can learn from them on how to increase your own Snapchat influence

It has also been noticed that most celebrities are more responsive on Snapchat than any other social media platform. Sometimes we forget that these Snapchat influencers are humans too and it’s quite understandable. With Snapchat you literally watch them as they eat and do other fun things at home. If you want to become a successful Snapchat influencer, you need to;

  • Make good use of your skills and talent
  • Post consistently
  • Engage your followers on your posts
  • Work hard to post the best videos
  • Be real and true to yourself
  • Don’t  promote bad products that might be harmful to your fans just because of money

Top Snapchat Influencers You Need to Start Following Today

Following these Snapchat influencers will teach you a lot about growing a successful Snapchat account. So let’s get right into it, shall we? Okay!

Kylie Jenner

Snapchat Username: @kylizzlmynizzl

Kylie Jenner is not just an Instagram icon, she also has one of the most influential Snapchat accounts. She usually advertises her cosmetics brand on her Snap videos as soon as they’re released. Apart from promoting her makeup brand, she takes videos showcasing her exquisite outfits at home and on her way to an even. One other thing that attracts people to view her snaps are the video of her baby Stormy.

Blac Chyna

Snapchat Username: @BlacChynaLA

Blac Chyna might not be everyone’s favorite but she sure has interesting posts on Snapchat. The mix up she had with the Kardashians has made her more popular and has attracted a lot of people to her Snapchat account to know what’s going on.  Apart from this, she has a cosmetics brand called Lashed and she also uses her Snapchat influence to promote her products.

DJ Khaled

Snapchat Username: @djkhaled305

As one of the best producers alive and a top Snapchat influencer, DJ Khaled has captured the heart of his fans. He posts on his Snapchat every day and also gives some words of encouragement. One other thing that attracts people to his snaps is the cute videos of his son.

Gigi Hadid

Snapchat Username: @itsgigihadid

Supermodel Gigi Hadid has attracted a lot of people to her social media pages. Gigi is a top model in the fashion industry as this has also helped her to secure her seat on the top Snaphat influencers. Sharing posts on backstage preparations for a runway show with her sister Bella Hadid. She loves taking selfies and cute Smapchat videos.

Logan Paul

Snapchat Username: @LoganPaul

Logan Paul is very popular for his short funny Snapchat videos. His videos have the power to cheer up any grumpy person. This has given him a place in the top Snapchat influencers list.

Chrissy Teigen

Snapchat Username: @chrissyteigan

Amazing mom and Chef Chrissy Teigen have built up enough influence on all her social media account. Her videos of her kids, her husband John Legend, and her mouth-watering food attract a lot of people to stay.  If you want to learn a few cooking tricks and recipes, you need to follow the Snapchat account.

Amanda Cerny

Snapchat Username: @AmandaCerny

Amanda Cerny made good use of the fame she got from Instagram and Snapchat to showcase her great acting skills. She makes relatable videos on Snapchat and Instagram that are so funny. This attracted a lot of people to her Snapchat account where she has already increased her influence. Her videos showcase her eating healthy and hanging out with her friends who she also features in her videos.Frankie Greek

Snapchat Username: @WTFrankie

Frankie gained more publicity when she hosted a Snapchat show. Frankie doesn’t just post any type of videos, she makes good use of the influence she has gained to work with different brands. You can never really guess what she’ll post next so you definitely need to follow her.

Geir Ove Pedersen

Snapchat Username: @geeohsnap

Pederson makes good use of the Snapchat filters and drawing tools. He knows how to enhance the quality of a picture and bring out a fun and interesting version. His work has helped him get noticed and work with popular brands like Gucci and even Air France.

Cyrene Quiamcoa

Snapchat Username: @Cyreneq

Apart from being a graphic designer, Cyrene has built a good reputation for herself with her unique paintings of celebrities like Bruno Mars and even Ellen Degeneres. People got attracted to her Snapchat account because they would love to see more of her work. She has also been opportune to work with brands like Pixar, Burger Kind, and Opi nail polish.

Brittany Furlan 

Snapchat Username: @brittanyjfurlan

Brittany Furlan, recognized for her funny videos on Instagram and Snapchat has secured her place on the top Snapchat influencers list. Her videos aren’t just funny but they capture a lot of interesting things.

Christian Collins 

Snapchat Username: @Weekly-Chris

Christian Collins is an aspiring musician has used the fame he got from social media to promote his music. He makes weekly videos and doesn’t hide the fact that he wants to be a recognized musician. With his influence on Snapchat, he has been able to gain attention for a new music video he’s about to release.

King Bach

Snapchat Username: @kingbach

King Bach is recognized for his short videos on Instagram which have attracted a lot of his followers to Snapchat hoping to see more videos. He also uses his influence on social media to showcase his acting skills and this has worked for him.

Jerome Jarre

Snapchat Username: @JeromeJarre

Jerome knows how to engage his followers on his Snapchat to share their own opinions on some of the videos he posts. He’s even featured the founder of Snapchat which gave him outstanding publicity. 

Shaun McBride

Snapchat Username: @Shonduras

Shaun became very popular for his finger paintings which he shares on Snapchat. People enjoy seeing his unique work and she they consistently follow his Snapchat account. This influence has given him the opportunity to work with popular brands.

Jenna Marbles

Snapchat Username: @Jennakermarbles

Jenna is a perfect example of a YouTuber that gained popularity on Snapchat through her Vlogs. She posts a lot of funny videos on Snapchat and her followers can’t get enough of it.

Christine Mi

Snapcdhat Username: @Miologie

Christine Mi has so much influence on Snapchat that she turned it into a full-time job. She creates beautiful and interesting art which also boosted her place on the top Snapchat influencers list.

Micheal Platco

Snapchat Username: @mplatco

Micheal Platco is another Snapchatter that makes good use of Snapchat to promote his artistic work. He has been well recognized for it and it has given his the opportunity to work for popular brands.

Emily Ratajkoowski

Snapchat Username: @emrara

Emily is a famous model that used her influence on Instagram to grow her followers on Snapchat. She makes videos showing behind-the-scenes of top fashion shows. Her influence on Snapchat is quite large and so it attracts a lot of important personalities to her profile.

Evan Garber

Snapchat Username: @emgarber

Evan makes good use of Snapchat stickers and drawing tools to create funny images. He is so talented at it that he made it a full-time job. His work is well recognized and has given him the opportunity to collaborate with Shaun McBride, to re-creating a popular video game on the platform.

Branden Harvey

Snapchat Username: @BrandenHarvey

Branden’s photography skill has given him fame and influence on Snapchat. He has tons of followers on the platform that enjoy seeing his amazing art. He has been able to promote his artwork on Snapchat and gain recognition.

Lilly Singh

Snapchat Username: @iisuperwomanii

Lilly is recognized for her short and funny snaps. She has a lot of subscribers on YouTube that love watching her vlogs and it became an avenue for her to attract more views on Snapchat.

John Stamos

Snapchat Username: @stamosofficial

Stamos is popular for the role he plays in “Fuller House” and “Scream Queens”. His Snapchat videos usually show him hanging out with his cast members on set or offset. If you are a fan of any of his shows, you will definitely be interested in viewing his snaps because you will be able to see some of your favorite actors.

Casey Neistat

Snapchat Username: @caseyneistat

Casey Neistat is a popular YouTuber that built his reputation so well that t attracted a lot of people to follow his snap videos consistently. He created his own social media company and has his own show.

Karlie Kloss

Snapchat Username: @karliekloss

Karlie doesn’t just specialize in one thing; she is a model, a science correspondent and the founder of Kode with Klossy. She has a really impressive influence on all her social media accounts including Snapchat.

Looking at the different descriptions of the Snapchat influencers, one thing is very clear. They used their talent and skills to gain publicity and job partnerships. Even if you are not too familiar with the platform, there’s one thing you should know; it’s most likely the next most active social media platform to build a brand right after Instagram. Following these Snapchat influencers will give you enough information on how to grow your influence on Snapchat.

Some people actually believe that people that spend time trying to make amazing Snapchat videos are jobless but they’re wrong. Social media generally has become an avenue for a lot of people to publicize their products and services. It’s almost impossible to find anyone that doesn’t have a social media account. It’s a large online community that has created countless opportunities for people. No one likes to walk a distance to get a newspaper to get updated anymore; if you can get it easily on your mobile device.

Spice up your life by learning little secrets about business and more from these Snapchat influencers daily. Also, most times, they hardly ever post a video or a picture anywhere else apart from Snapchat. So enjoy these fun Snapchat accounts and also get daily motivation. Know how to make good use of your Snapchat account to gain publicity and promote your art is very vital. You might want to read post upon posts trying to understand how to gain influence for your Snapchat account but that might take a long time of slow learning. Following the posts of these Snapchat influencers is like you taking a practical course on Snapchat Influencer Marketing. You watch as the promote brands and make tons of money off it. Watch how they use their words, how they convince even you to buy a product or service, how they interact with their viewers and what they do to make sure that their fans come back for more. Sometimes, it’s not always about trying to promote a brand, it could be about you giving them daily motivational talks to make them feel better about themselves. They keep coming back for more every day because they need more inspiration from you.